Efficiency after 50

woman and man after 50 years with increased potency

For many reasons, the modern man can no longer please his partner, as the potency drops to zero after 50 years, and even earlier.

Many men begin to experience potency difficulties after the age of 50. This is not surprising, as it is caused by the aging of the body.

But in some cases, a lack of potency is not only linked to old age, but potency problems can also be associated with diseases that older men begin to suffer from.

But you can stay young and sexy even in old age. Many methods and techniques have been developed by those skilled in the art.

Causes of potency loss in men over 50 years of age

There are several reasons for the decline in the potency of older men. The main reason for this is low levels of sex hormones. The decline in sex hormone production begins around the age of 25. This process cannot be stopped and many men will experience a lack of sex hormones in the future, which will affect their sexual function. In young years, there is usually no reduction in hormone production in men, but until the age of 50 or earlier, androgen deficiency occurs to one degree or another.

Another reason for the decrease in effectiveness in men over 50 is vasoconstriction. As they age, they lose their elasticity and narrow, resulting in a slowing of blood flow in the blood vessels, which is mainly manifested by a deterioration in potency as blood enters the genitals through small blood vessels. Cardiovascular disease should also be considered. The body is unable to regulate blood cholesterol levels, so it deposits on the walls of blood vessels, leading to cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease. Even if a man does not suffer from cardiovascular disease, the muscles of the heart are still weaker and less efficient with age, resulting in deteriorating blood circulation to the genitals. Good blood circulation is a key factor in good potency. Diseases such as prostatitis, urethritis, and others to which older men are susceptible can also cause a decrease in potency.

The question needs to be asked, why does a man at the age of 50 have no problem with potency while another at the same age has a complete lack of it? Obviously, it’s not just age that affects a man’s health. Lifestyle plays an important role in this case. Frequent alcohol consumption, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity, poor nutrition, and stress can lead to health problems and premature aging. But otherwise, a man can expect healthy old age by maintaining sexual desire and sexual function.

How to strengthen?

It is best to prevent potency issues before they interfere with your privacy. First, you need to maintain your sexual activity. Physical activity is one of the healthy habits that is directly related to sexual activity. Studies show that men who burn an average of at least 200 calories a day with a workout are much less likely to suffer from potency problems. Keep in mind, however, that not all types of physical activity are created equal. For example, men who ride a bike are almost as likely to become impotent as those who do not play sports at all. This is due to tightening of the nerve endings and blood flow to the penis.

An erection is a complex work of many physical and psychological factors. One is healthy blood vessels. The penis is made up of a network of tangled blood vessels that fill with blood during an erection, and if they become blocked by atherosclerosis, great trouble arises. To prevent the onset of atherosclerosis, you need to exclude unhealthy fats from your diet, get rid of excess weight, and stop smoking.

You should also check your medication as some of these may have side effects like erectile dysfunction. Be sure to consult your doctor and read the instructions for the medication, especially if you are taking medications related to depression, high blood pressure, heartburn, psychosis, prostate adenoma, and high cholesterol. There are also medications that increase potency but are not suitable for everyone.

To improve your erection, it is advisable to do some exercises. Many men believe that only women can do pool exercises. But it is also recommended for men to improve their sexual performance. Representatives of the stronger sex can identify their pelvic floor muscles by stopping the flow of urine while urinating and then quickly tensioning and relaxing these muscles about 30 to 50 times a day.

Kundalini yoga is known to many as the yoga of courage and sexual energy. It can increase energy and muscle tone and help increase sexual desire. Special yoga poses such as butterfly or cobraose are very helpful in increasing sexual activity. However, keep in mind that if you do yoga, be sure to take all necessary precautions. And in any case, don’t exercise too hard the first time. Exercise, which increases the blood supply to the heart and lungs, also increases sexual potential. Aerobic exercise and deep breathing improve circulation and blood flow and can also improve sexual performance.

Ginseng or eleutherococcus tincture is an effective cure for improving potency. The infusion of these herbs should be taken as follows. On the first day, one drop of tincture should be diluted in half a glass of water, and each additional day the amount of tincture should be increased by one drop. Thus, the number of drops is brought to 28, and the treatment lasts 28 days. The course can be repeated every 3 months. It should be noted that such treatment is contraindicated in patients with hypertension and severe heart disease.

Taking contrasting baths on your lower body will help increase your potency perfectly. This procedure requires two pools: one with cold water and the other with hot water. Starting with hot water, you should sit alternately in each pool for 30 seconds. This procedure should take 15 minutes. And the total course duration cannot be less than 2 weeks.

For those whose loss of potency is associated with chronic fatigue and overwork, it is advisable to use the following relaxation recipe - a bay leaf bath. To prepare it, the bay leaves must be cooked and then this infusion must be drained into a filled bath. The procedure is best done before going to bed and lasts 15-30 minutes. The bay leaf can be replaced with chamomile flowers. In addition to a relaxing bath, you can also do yoga, aromatherapy and potency-enhancing exercises to reduce fatigue.

Keep in mind that erectile dysfunction is not an inevitable consequence of aging. A healthy lifestyle allows you to maintain a healthy sexual relationship for as long as possible.