Causes of low potency in men

Sex is an important part of a man’s life, regardless of his age, preferences, financial means, and many other factors. Decreases in libido and potency often begin after 40-45 years.

But nowadays, there are cases where erectile dysfunction, slow or incomplete erections occur at a much younger age. Let’s look at what causes poor potency and how to deal with this problem.

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The main causes of weak potency

Experts say that only a doctor can find out and correctly eliminate the cause of a decrease in potency after communication with the patient and a thorough examination. In some cases, you may need more than one doctor at a time, such as a cardiologist, endocrinologist, andrologist, neurologist, urologist, and others.

Among the main causes of men's low potency, experts identify the following factors:

  • chronic diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, prostatitis, diabetes mellitus and others;
  • taking certain medications, including antidepressants, hormones, tablets to lower blood pressure;
  • harmful working conditions and poor environmental conditions;
  • sedentary lifestyle and stagnant processes in the small pool;
  • physical, mental, psycho-emotional overtime;
  • unfavorable home and work environment;
  • frequent stress and anxiety, increased anxiety, depression, apathy;
  • overweight;
  • bad habits;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • lack of self-confidence, fear and intense excitement before sexual intercourse;
  • not resting enough;
  • congenital and acquired pathologies of the genitals.

Another reason for the decrease in potency is an irregular sex life, self-satisfaction that replaces a full-fledged sex life, or frequent partner changes.

Some other factors can also negatively affect potency. For example, many experts argue that frequent motoring, horseback riding, and cycling can lead to a deterioration in the blood supply to the penis and cause potency problems. In addition, doctors have identified an association between periodontitis (a disease of the gums) and "male weakness. "

Signs of weak potency

As we have already learned, the reasons for the decrease in potency may be different. The first signs of such a phenomenon are usually a decrease in the desire for intimacy with the woman. The decrease in potency manifests itself in other ways:

  • the desire for sex rarely or not at all;
  • no morning erection - this may be due to banal tiredness, age-related changes or illness;
  • lack of erection during foreplay of sex;
  • an incomplete or slow erection that may fall at the most inopportune moment;
  • the impossibility of long-term and quality sexual intercourse;
  • problems with ejaculation;
  • decreased penile tenderness and blurred feelings during orgasm.

If one or more of these signs appear for the first time or are very rare, do not alarm. Such short-term loss of potency is often caused by overload, stress, or an unfavorable environment and does not require treatment.

General recommendations for increasing potency

An erection is a very complex mechanism that is affected by a number of external and internal factors. Any body problem can cause a man to lose his potency for several days or forever. In fact, without timely diagnosis and treatment, some diseases can lead to irreversible changes in tissues, leading to impotence and infertility.

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As a preventative measure or in case of erection problems, experts suggest simple rules to keep men healthy:

  1. Move more during the work day, take breaks, and divert your attention from work to walk.
  2. Walk more in the fresh air, exercise moderately, do morning exercises.
  3. Quit cigarettes and hookahs, alcohol.
  4. Eat a balanced diet. It is advisable to include as many aphrodisiac foods in the diet as possible. These are chicken and quail eggs, fresh herbs, berries, fruits, seafood, spices, ginger. It is also important to exclude from the normal diet all foods, fast food, sweets and baked goods that contain synthetic additives.
  5. Strengthen immunity in all possible ways. If there are no contraindications and serious health problems, whatever the reason for a man’s poor potency, a visit to hardening procedures, baths, saunas, steam rooms will have a positive effect on a person’s sex life and overall tone.
  6. Live a normal sex life without prolonged abstinence and sexual exhaustion due to too frequent intercourse.
  7. Less nervous and anxious, eliminates stress and overload from life.
  8. Wear only comfortable and high-quality underwear made of natural materials.

Only an integrated approach can help solve the problems of slow potency, explore the causes, and select the treatment for which the specialist is best suited. It is impossible to achieve positive results and maintain a full sex life without a healthy and active lifestyle.

Treatment of weak potency

Erectile dysfunction cannot be treated alone, as it is impossible to find out the causes of poor potency and decreased libido without examination. If you experience any problems, try to make your lifestyle healthier. Relax and develop. Do not deal with the accident.

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If you do not improve your health within a week, or if you notice other disturbing symptoms in addition to a decrease in potency, such as frequent and painful urination, difficulty ejaculating, difficulty in your lower abdomen, blood or pus in your urine or semen, see your doctor. . .

Generally, in order to eliminate the causes of slow potency and normalize a man’s sex life, professionals choose a complex therapy after the test. This takes into account the individual characteristics, health status, age and other factors of the person. With a slight deterioration in potency, the doctor chooses to drink a vitamin-mineral complex, strengthening and toning preparations.

What can help with weak potency?

For erectile problems caused by stress and anxiety, it is recommended to use sedatives, lemongrass and mint herbs, and some other herbs. Some experts recommend the use of homeopathic remedies, folk recipes, and dietary supplements to improve potency.

However, such methods do not always have proven clinical efficacy. In addition, they do not help everyone, although they have minimal contraindications and possible side effects.

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In some particularly severe cases where it is not possible to naturally improve potency, the doctor will choose an erection stimulator for the man.

Unfortunately, they have many contraindications and possible side effects, they are not suitable for everyone. It is impossible to use such funds to prevent erectile dysfunction.

If an erection problem has occurred due to any disease, it will be treated first and only then will measures be taken to restore potency. For example, if the cause of a slow erection is prostatitis, then therapy is given to eliminate the inflammation.

Furthermore, if the cause of erectile dysfunction is certain medications that are used regularly, including antidepressants and antihypertensives, the practitioner may choose another medication that has the same therapeutic effect but is less potentially dangerous.


Remember, if your potential is weak, the causes and treatments for this condition can be very different. It is difficult to find out exactly what adversely affected an erection alone. And the treatment you choose may not only be useless, it may be dangerous to your health.

Therefore, at the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you should dispel all doubts and shyness and consult a good professional. This approach significantly increases the chances of a full return of potency at any age, even at age 60.